Improving access to new and existing priority antimalarial products

Published: 28, August 2017

The Third Meeting of the WHO Regional Regulatory Partnership for Malaria Elimination (RRPME), included in the WHO RRP workshop, recently brought together representatives from national regulatory authorities (NRA) and national malaria programs (NMP) from nine countries in the Asia Pacific region, as well as ten partner organizations.

During the meeting, interactive sessions were designed to support participants in the joint completion of country work plans to address regulatory issues related to malaria elimination. In particular, the resulting plans clarify priority needs and activities for regulatory support to improve access to new and existing malaria-related diagnostics, treatments and preventive health technologies. In particular, the meeting focused on three key priority regulatory themes:

  • Market surveillance and control.
  • Product registration and market authorization.
  • Pharmacovigilance following new product release.

Additional regulatory themes were also identified as important to several countries, and were highlighted as joint capacity-building opportunities.

The workshop successfully set the scene for the subsequent phase of the RRPME: Implementation of targeted regional capacity-building activities, organized and facilitated by regional technical support partners.

The RRPME meeting took place in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam on 16–17th of August 2017. Documents and presentations from the meeting can be found here.

Day 1 - RRP workshop

Day 2 - RRP workshop

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