Issue#17 - 20th April 2020
APLMA/APMEN Partner update

The fight against Malaria and COVID-19

Dear APLMA Partners and Friends,

I hope this finds you safe and well.

The past few months have been daunting. We’ve witnessed how pandemic disease can overwhelm health systems, cripple economies and livelihoods, and disrupt our communities and daily lives.

Our immediate focus must be to address COVID 19. However, we cannot do this at the expense of other health priorities. It cannot be one or the other. It must be both. In Asia and the Pacific, we have come so far in the fight against malaria and now is not the time to slow that fight.

We are committed to making sure that malaria elimination efforts continue. APLMA and APMEN are working closely with the RBM Partnership, WHO, and other partners to monitor and support countries in responding to malaria in the current context. We are collaborating with country partners to assess potential commodity shortages, the impact on service delivery, and implications on health and malaria financing. As a global community, we must stand ready to act and respond.

This week as we mark World Malaria Day, we have only a decade remaining to achieve the 2030 goal of ending malaria in our region. However, a great deal of work remains. At this crucial time, the APLMA Secretariat is going through a transition in leadership. We thank Dr Ben Rolfe for his leadership over the past six years and look forward to welcoming Dr Sarthak Das as the new CEO on 1st May. Sarthak is a global public health leader with vast experience in fighting communicable diseases globally and in Asia and the Pacific. With Sarthak at the helm, we are confident that we will continue to accelerate elimination efforts across the region.

We are faced with a crisis of enormous proportions. If nothing else, let’s use this as an opportunity to remind ourselves that robust and resilient health systems are not optional; they are critical to our lives, economies and societies. If we neglect investing in health and in building bridges between countries, we do so at our own peril. The fight against malaria in Asia and the Pacific shows what’s possible with the right investments and collaboration.

Jeff Smith
Chief Operating Officer / Acting Chief Executive Officer
Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance (APLMA)

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