The APLMA Leaders’ Dashboard 2018

Published: 13, May 2019

A critical part of developing the  Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Elimination Roadmap was the decision to develop a mechanism to track progress in malaria control and elimination across the region. 

TheAPLMA Leaders’ Dashboard was developed, in collaboration with the World Health Organization, and refined through extensive consultations with senior government officials representing malaria-endemic countries, and the Dashboard Experts Reference Group. The Dashboard was first piloted and endorsed at the 3rd APLMA Senior Officials’ Meeting (SOM) in Nay Pi Taw, Myanmar in December 2017. The updated APLMA Leaders’ Dashboard 2018 was launched at the 4th APLMA Senior Officials Meeting held in Bangkok in April 2019. 

The Dashboard demonstrates progress across the six Roadmap priorities and tracks key policy issues to encourage prompt action towards the 2030 goal for a malaria-free Asia Pacific. It is designed to be dynamic and forward-looking to reflect near-term agreed actions. 

It helps to highlight bottlenecks and serves as a key advocacy tool to demonstrate progress in the region. This important tool aides in leveraging governments’ and partners’ continued support for financing malaria elimination efforts. 

The APLMA Leaders’ Dashboard is reviewed and updated annually at the APLMA SOM, thus providing the first regional mechanism for direct oversight of elimination efforts by Heads of States and Senior Officials in Asia Pacific countries.  

Click here to download The APLMA Leaders Dashboard 2018. An interactive version of the Dashboard is available online at 

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