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Flags of ASEAN

Delivering the Regional Promise 

Dear APLMA Partners and Friends,

The impact of the pandemic and arrival of 2021 has ushered in a new era and ways of working in malaria and indeed global health at large: we must recommit to local solutions.  For malaria, this is good news as tackling the last remaining areas of high endemicity will require tailored sub-National solutions complemented by robust National and Regional advocacy efforts.

Looking back to the challenges of 2020, we are pleased to share that we made positive strides. In November, there was continued expression of regional solidarity as Heads of Government recommitted to achieve ‘a malaria-free Asia Pacific by 2030’during the convening of the East Asia Summit.  This affirmation is a critical endorsement of our current efforts underway as part of APLMA’s Elimination Roadmap, and the proposed solutions of the 5-year progress review delivered by the APLMA and APMEN Secretariats.

The recommitment was followed by the World Health Organization (WHO) launching the 2020 World malaria report, which showed a notable reduction in malaria cases and deaths across many Asia-Pacific countries; at the same time there has been a resurgence in some high-burden areas; a  clear indicator that malaria elimination must continue to be a regional health security priority amidst the on-going pandemic.

Realizing the elimination goal will require a rigorous focus on the remaining high-burden areas while ensuring near-eliminating countries sustain progress. APLMA must help navigate this balance in our efforts.

As mentioned in our New Year message, APLMA/APMEN embarked on a new joint organizational strategy to guide our implementation in the crucial areas of leadership, technical expertise, access and financing. With this new blueprint in place, the Joint Secretariat looks forward to continuing its support to Governments to end malaria by 2030.  

Thank you for your continued partnership. We look forward to engaging with you in 2021.

Best wishes, 

Dr Sarthak Das , DrPH

Chief Executive Officer

Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance

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