Partners' Update July 2021

Partners' Update


A medical entomologist examines a mosquito identified in Yunnan, China © WHO, Global Malaria Programme

A medical entomologist examines a mosquito identified in Yunnan, China © WHO, Global Malaria Programme

Dear Partners,

As we continue to live with COVID-19 disruptions, the recent China malaria-free certification is a global health silver lining.  It is a testament to the critical need for strong health systems coupled with leadership to eliminate malaria. Most importantly, it is a clear evidence that we could end pandemics if we do not take our foot off the pedal.

China’s 70-year victorious battle is armed with valuable lessons. Professor Zhou Xiaonong, of  China’s National Institute of Parasitic Diseases (NIPD) and I recently shared the country’s success reflects the crucial role of cross-sector collaboration; targeted interventions for rural, high-risk and border areas; and having the right infrastructure in place.

For those of us working in malaria elimination in Asia-Pacific, it signals that we are on the right path. Since the inception of APLMA and APMEN, the region empowered sharing of best practices and collectively advocated for the strategies China has implemented. Tailoring best practice to local context is paramount. As we celebrate and learn from Sri Lanka and now China’s elimination journeys, amplifying these globally is equally critical to supporting other regions, whether they are in malaria control or transitioning to elimination phase.

Eliminating malaria is an essential development tool that has enormous potential health, social, and economic benefits beyond malaria itself—one that is uniquely equipped to combat other diseases. As we actively address the evolving COVID-19 crisis, let’s remain committed to our enduring mission.

We can end malaria - the oldest and most devastating pandemic - but we must remain steadfast.

Best wishes, 

Dr Sarthak Das , DrPH

Chief Executive Officer

Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance

China Malaria-Free Certification News Snapshot

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