Partners' Update October 2021

Partners' Update


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Dear Partners, 

In spite of all the challenges, 2021 has also been moving strength to strength in our malaria elimination journey. This quarter saw the historic WHO endorsement of the world’s first malaria vaccine, RTS,S/AS01 that provides crucial protection against malaria in young children in sub-Saharan Africa. The news is a significant step forward for the malaria and scientific community, particularly for areas of high transmission and among difficult to reach vulnerable populations. The vaccine is a major step forward on our road to elimination.

While the excitement of the vaccine is duly warranted, we must not forget the proven tools and methods – strong surveillance, case management, vector control, and antimalarials –  that have helped us eliminate malaria in over 40 countries in the world. New tools and interventions must be deployed strategically in combination with what we know works. The vaccine has wonderful potential to be of great help; hopefully, more science will emerge to understand its potential impact on P. vivax.

We have also witnessed immense strength and resilience in the region, through the cohesive collaboration of all stakeholders in battling both malaria and COVID-19. While much of what we hear may say otherwise, we see tangible evidence of robust collaboration across borders in Asia Pacific to address malaria and other public health challenges.  

In this spirit, I am delighted to announce that, APLMA-APMEN is co-hosting with the Royal Government of Bhutan the Asia Pacific Leaders Dialogue for Malaria Elimination. This forum seeks to address key issues for the region to collaboratively tackle malaria and other diseases through the lens of strengthening national health systems and improving regional health security. We will share with you an invitation in the next coming weeks.  We hope you could join us.

We are privileged to continue supporting the regional cooperation that shapes the future of our malaria fight.

Best wishes,

Dr Sarthak Das, DrPH

CEO, Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance

World Mosquito Day 2021 

To mark World Mosquito Day, APLMA-APMEN and partners highlighted the importance of building climate resilience for malaria and vector-borne diseases (VBDs), considered the potential for cross vector-borne disease elimination in PNG and shed light on the need to reimagining the role of civil society for vulnerable communities and infectious diseases.

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