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What is APLMA?

14th East Asia Summit

14th East Asia Summit

The Asia Pacific Leaders Malaria Alliance (“APLMA”) unites 22 governments in Asia-Pacific who have committed to eliminating malaria in the region by 2030. APLMA translates evidence to advocate for policy change at the highest levels of government and supports leadership collaboration across the region.

By convening senior officials beyond health, monitoring and reporting on progress and bottlenecks and facilitating cross-border collaboration, APLMA, in collaboration with APMEN, empowers tangible elimination progress across the region with a heavy focus on high malaria burden countries.

APLMA supports and provides governments and political leaders access to regional and national insights, as well as visibility on the game-changing approaches and tools they need to end malaria.


To support and facilitate the elimination of malaria from the Asia Pacific by 2030, driving implementation of the APLMA Leaders’ Malaria Elimination Roadmap by:

  • benchmarking progress against priorities;
  • coordinating regional action and brokering policy, technical and financing solutions to regional and national challenges; and,
  • bolstering effective country leadership to expedite the elimination of malaria at in each country by 2030.


An Asia Pacific free of malaria by 2030

Six Roadmap Priority Actions

APLMA Malaria Elimination Roadmap lays out six priority actions:

  • Unite national efforts and regional action.
  • Map, prevent, treat and track disease, everywhere.
  • Ensure high quality malaria tests, medicines, nets and insecticides.
  • Improve targeting and efficacy to maximise impact.
  • Mobilise domestic financing and leverage external support.
  • Innovate for elimination.

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