Board of Directors

The APLMA Board maintains a high-level and strategic role in overseeing the work of the Alliance within the framework of the APLMA Leaders’ Roadmap. This includes responsibility for governance and ongoing processes of due diligence.

The members of the Board are:

  • Prof Tikki Pangestu, Board Chair
  • Ms Lisa Robins, Vice Chair
  • Dr Altaf Lal
  • Dr Christoph Benn
  • Prof Gao Qi
  • Mr Hari Menon
  • Dr Kamini Mendis
  • Sir Richard Feachem
  • Mr Robin Davies
  • Ms Ruby Shang
  • Dr Sarthak Das

Audit & Risk Committee

  • Professor Tikki Pangestu (Audit Lead)
  • Ms Lisa Robins (Finance Lead)
  • Ms Ruby Shang

Program & Strategy Committee

  • Dr.Altaf Lal (Chair)
  • Dr.Christoph Benn
  • Dr.Kamini Mendis
  • Mr.Hari Menon
  • Mr Robin Davies
  • Ms Lisa Robins

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