APLMA is an initiative of Asia Pacific Heads of Government. It was established in response to the East Asia Summit Leaders’ call for coordinated action to fight malaria.

The Alliance is co-chaired by Australia and Viet Nam, and is currently hosted by the Asian Development Bank.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

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Drug-resistant malaria strain contained in Asia – scientists

23 June 2016

WASHINGTON -- A parasite resistant to the top anti-malaria drug is confined to Southeast Asia and has not yet spread to sub-Saharan Africa as feared, said researchers Wednesday. Scientists confirmed the containment by conducting the first global stu...

What can the fight against Malaria teach us about Zika?

14 June 2016

Zika is spread by so mosquitoes, so to stop Zika, you have to stop the mosquitoes. And mosquitoes are everywhere. Fortunately, the global health community has been fighting mosquitos for years. A look at the most recent research into effective ways t...

How to prevent malaria: Scientists turn to unconventional warfare

10 June 2016

Malaria, which killed some 450,000 people globally in just 2015, is no small threat—the World Bank forecast last year that its rising incidence would be one of the significant challenges of climate change. The burden of the disease is severest in t...

Asean Migration and Malaria

08 June 2016

The Asean Economic Community (AEC), a huge common market of $2.6 trillion and more than 622 million people, is not without its disparities. The AEC with 10 Asean countries is a hodgepodge of least developed, developing and developed nations all vying...

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