Country Support

Technical expertise

Malaria elimination requires a comprehensive and integrated strategy for each malaria-endemic country. A fully costed, national malaria elimination plan is a prerequisite. However, a plan is only a starting point. A multi-agency effort is required, with Leaders empowering agencies and officials to see it through.

APLMA supports mobilizing political, financial, and technical support tailored to the particular malaria situation faced by countries in our region.

 In partnership with APMEN, the join Secretariats operate as a mechanism to support national malaria programs and produce evidence and innovation critical to achieving malaria elimination.

APLMA monitors opportunities, bottlenecks and achievements through an annual Senior Officials Meeting and the Leaders Dashboard which tracks malaria progress for the region.

To ensure that all countries are addressing unmet needs, APLMA follows up on priority actions and delivery of the resources required, support country policy work to harmonize multi-ministry actions, and identify and take forward necessary bilateral, sub-regional and regional cooperation activities.

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