Country Support

Technical expertise

Eliminating malaria requires that each of the nations it afflicts have a comprehensive and integrated strategy, starting with a detailed and fully budgeted national plan. But a plan is just the starting point. Leaders need to empower their respective agencies and officials to orchestrate the coordination required to see the plan through.

APLMA helps mobilize political, financial, and technical support tailored to the specific malaria conditions each country in our region faces.

Together with APMEN, our joint Secretariat supports national malaria programs and produces the evidence and innovation critical to eliminating malaria.

We monitor opportunities, bottlenecks, and achievements, compiling them into a Leaders Dashboard of country-level progress reviewed annually at a Senior Officials Meeting to determine what course of action each country needs to take to meet the goal of eliminating malaria by 2030.

APLMA tracks whether countries have the resources they need and helps formulate policies that coordinate efforts across ministries and facilitate cooperation, whether bilateral, sub-regional or regional.

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