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As a representative of regional leaders, The Alliance has a unique authority to engage all levels of government.

We recognize that maintaining political commitment to end malaria will require leadership across all sectors of society -- from Heads of States, Government Ministries, international bodies and multilateral institutions to corporate leaders, academia, civil society, thought leaders and influencers.

Much of the region is at a crossroads for malaria, as well as for other communicable-diseases and health security threats. Given their cross-border nature, there are many important aspects of the regional response that cannot be tackled by individual countries alone.

“We need collaboration across borders and sectors to coordinate policy solutions and improve regional health.”

By collaborating, countries can move towards tackling these diseases and threats in a harmonized manner. The Alliance draws on its mandate from East Asia Summit leaders to support countries in this process and work towards an Asia Pacific free of malaria by 2030.

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