Partners' Update July 2023

Partners' Update


Collecting water samples at the MVSE 2023 training in Indonesia

Collecting water samples at the MVSE 2023 training in Indonesia

Dear Partners,

As monsoon season continues in many parts of the Asia Pacific region, APLMA continues to work closely and remind with partners, national programmes, and communities to stay vigilant against the threat of malaria. APLMA is also looking forward to the upcoming C20 and T20 Summits next week leading up to the India G20 in September.

Also, World Mosquito Day is on August 20th and APLMA is partnering to organise two webinars: malaria, climate change, and IDPs in Pakistan & the future of gene drives in Asia Pacific. Stay tuned for more information!

Find more of our latest work with partners below.

Best wishes,

The APLMA Secretariat

Regional Malaria Updates

  1. WHO, Accelerating malaria elimination in Indonesia: revised action plan and bridging the gap
  2. Frontier Myanmar, Conflict shoots up malaria cases on the Thai-Myanmar border
  3. The Korea Times, No. of mosquitoes carrying malaria surges amid heat wave, torrential rain
  4. The Manila Times, 66 provinces free of malaria – DoH
  5. Antara Indonesia, Five provinces declared to be malaria-free: Health Ministry

Global Malaria Updates

  1. Vox, 8 people have acquired malaria in the US. They’re the first in 20 years.
  2. Politico, Global Fund chief: Next pandemic will be a disease we know, fueled by climate change
  3. Health Policy Watch, Brazil’s Success in Preventing Malaria Relapse Using New Single-Dose Treatment
  4. WHO, 18 million doses of first-ever malaria vaccine allocated to 12 African countries for 2023–2025: Gavi, WHO and UNICEF
  5. WHO, Belize certified malaria-free by WHO

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